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The Heroic Humans Podcast

Dec 17, 2019

In this episode, Amanda and Dana discuss the importance of female presence and involvement in the world of politics and entrepreneurship. Amanda's powerful and outgoing personality makes this episodes one that will leave you laughing, empowered, and proud to be human. 


Amanda Kingsley Malo is a community organizer and...

Dec 10, 2019

In this episode, Jennifer and Dana discuss how overcoming Childhood Trauma and moving past fear ultimately allows you to live a life with more self love, healing and compassion. 


Jennifer Leigh Saunders is a Photographer, Filmmaker, and most recently a Yoga Teacher. She has found herself on an incredible journey of...

Dec 3, 2019

Connection Cards By Heroic Humans launched this week and Dana is here to tell us all about it and dive deep with answering some personal questions while using connection cards!


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Nov 26, 2019

Jacqueline is a sexual assault survivor and advocate who is on a mission to make more safe spaces for both women and children. Jacqueline and Dana touch on the importance of having a community behind you for support, and what it really looks like to be a woman in an abusive domestic relationship. Jacquline teaches us...

Nov 19, 2019

Robina Abramson-Walling takes us through her journey in finding her life of choice. She is determined to show us that we are capable of living a life of passion. Robina talks about motherhood, separation, her children, and following your gut to find your true gift. This episode will show you how "getting out of your own...