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The Heroic Humans Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

In this episode, Dana and Jayne talk openly about chronic illness and eating disorder recovery.


Jayne Mattingly is a Masters level Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and the owner and CEO of the Global Virtual Coaching Group Practice, Recovery Love and Care, LLC. Jayne identifies as fully recovered from a lifelong Eating Disorder and also lives with a chronic illness which has inspired her to help others within their own healing journeys.  Jayne’s coaching style is a collaborative approach where she perseveres with and advocates for each and every one of her client’s. She has a passion for helping those within their recovery, especially when it comes to body image conception, chronic illness, living with body betrayal and helping others find self-compassion and body kindness. Jayne’s overall mission is to help those within their Eating Disorder recovery find success within the hostile recovery environment in which we live! 

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